I have no Irish I can’t become involved in this. Wrong!


I have no Irish I can’t become involved in this. Wrong!

The future of the Irish language will largely depend on the people who are using English exclusively today.  English is a marvellous, flexible, evolving language that has permeated just about everything worldwide.  The world’s biggest languages in daily use include Chinese, Spanish and English but to allow them to subjugate other minority languages would be a serious mistake.  Languages by their very nature are not only a means of communication but also a store of incredible wealth of experience, history, know-how, emotion and indeed love. Every greeting in Irish is a blessing Dia Duit, Bail ó Dhia ort, Go maire tú é!

In Ireland, you are exposed to Irish every day, in schools, road and directional signs, overheard conversations, homework(!) and what PTBC aspires to do is to get people, particularly those schooled in Ireland to engage more with the language on a daily basis.  Many people, who may not yet be daily speakers of Irish can possibly claim to be readers, writers, or comprehend Irish to a greater or lesser extent. PTBC will have a role for you too!  Those in our communities who are very new to the language will also be welcome to join in our efforts.  Families, for instance, from abroad who now have school-going children, will want the best for them, and any linguistic support that can be offered, will be offered.  Let’s hear from you and get your ideas. Yes, that email address again is pobal@ptbc.ie!

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